Bisleri Vedica 1 Ltr(1 quantity has pack of 12 bottles)

Brand: Bisleri
Product Code: Product 009
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Born of a clear spring, that for centuries has traversed a labyrinth of mineral enriched bedrock, before gushing out to the surface, Vedica is natural Himalayan water.

Its underground geological origin and natural silica fortification bestows on it the blessing of being uncontaminated and free from any kind of microbial activity.

Rich in sulphates, which are natural detoxifying agents, Vedica carries with it the ancient secrets of nature to cleanse, restore and replenish.

A lower calcium and magnesium content also ensures a distinct and sweet taste. Savour the taste of Vedica, and discover the goodness of the Himalayas in every sip.

Born of a clear spring, that gushes out from its Himalayan labyrinth, Vedica is the finest life, taken to another altitude. A quantity contains of 12 bottles of 1 Ltr each of pure serenity

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