Privacy Policy

With complete regulations and laws, we have formed this privacy policy to protect your personal information. After reading this policy, you will get to how we handle your personal information. We are not such persons, who sell or rent information to the third party, you can trust us.


Our site is anytime open for all, even without revealing who you are.  You will no longer anonymous to us after sharing your personal information. Your personal information reaches to us with the consent to transfer and store that information on our servers located in Chennai. With the name of personal information, we collect your email address, birth date and gender description, your physical content, your transaction information, sometimes your financial information (credit card or bank account number), and we can conduct a credit check from a credit bureau if you incur a debt to the company (Zcodia consumer and utility services private limited).


We use your provided information to prevent illegal activities and enforce our users’ agreement, to provide customer support, and improve our services, and content. This way, we provide you smooth, safe and efficient experience.

But we may disclose your information for legal requirements under prescribed laws and regulations to enforce our policies and protect anyone’s right and property.

Using information from this site

Users can access each other’s name, postage information, email addresses and login ID. With this policy, you give other users liberty to remove themselves and review your collected information about them from your database. You agree to use user information to fulfil transaction or service offered through this website.  

We use personal information for the specific purposes or any other purposes permitted under privacy Act. Such as, to provide you services, access you application for the employment and provision of credit or data analytics purposes.

About cookies, spam and spyware

We use cookies to provide you certain features that help identify you and maintain your signed-in status. With us, most cookies are automatically deleted from your hard drive at the end of the session.

We automatically scan viruses, phishing attacks or illegally prohibited content and adopt zero tolerance policy towards spam.

Account protection

Your signed-in password is the key to your account, if you lose it, notify us immediately and change your password. File a report, if we ask you for your password to the security and resolution centre.

A website contains many links to other websites, in case, you visit any of those sites and share your personal information there, we are not responsible. We can no longer control over any data or the content of any third party website. Please read their privacy statement.

With our privacy policy, we keep your personal data secure.  Any data you provide to group websites or suffer any loss from unauthorised access; do not fall in our responsibility criteria. Furthermore, any data you transfer electronically is entirely at your own risk, we do not guarantee.

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